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Julia Carpenter, MSOM, LAc, BodyIntuitive Practitioner

(Julia is offering sessions for BodyIntuitive on Thursdays; for acupuncture, please return to the homepage and follow the Book an Appointment link. BAP does not provide private acupuncture sessions.)

BodyIntuitive is a powerful and effective mind-body medicine system with deep roots in quantum physics, epigenetics, and classical Chinese medicine. Using neuromuscular biofeedback and a well-defined protocol, we will work together to decode and unlock the “story” behind your health concerns. BodyIntuitive is especially helpful for chronic imbalances of all types, including auto-immune disorders, gastrointestinal, hormone, and endocrine imbalances, as well as for addressing the emotional roots of chronic pain.

30-minute sessions. Sliding scale $20-$40. Cash or check only.

Please email or text to make an appointment. I am currently only seeing BodyIntuitive clients on Thursdays.

berkeleybodyintuitive@gmail.com, or text to: 510.859.4201

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